Moshi Moshi at Katipunan Ave.

It was my first time to eat in Moshi Moshi and I got a little excited when I knew I was having Japanese cuisine for lunch time. From their decors to their snazzy presentation, Moshi Moshi is one of the coolest dining experiences I've had in a while.

Aside from authentic Japanese cuisines, they have a cozy place and a wonderful service. The whole place was very spacious and filled with clean whites and refreshing green hues. The interior looks very modern and hip. And the apple green lights which gave off not only additional lighting, but also a nice decorative touch was one of my favorite things in the restaurant.

Teriyakidon Php 135
The chicken skin was surprisingly crispy and drizzled with tasty and sweet Teriyaki sauce with just the right amount of viscosity which made the meal quite satisfying.
Gyudon Php 110
The beef gyudon was sweet and very tender making me crave some more.
Gyoza 5 pcs. Php 95
The gyoza is a bit thin and the lacks in flavor. In fact, it felt floury and soggy so I didn't enjoy it.

Moshi Moshi Special Crepe Php 145
They use freshest fruit in their crepes and best ice cream.

Moshi Moshi | Facebook
2nd floor Regis Center #327 Katipunan Ave.
Barangay Loyola Heights, Quezon City

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