Mother's Crepe and Cafe Philippines (Mazazu Crepe)

Mother's Crepe & Cafe launched last May 2012 in SM Mall of Asia Complex.  The business was founded in 1998 in Japan and is famous for its delicious and healthy crepes. With 40 branches all over Japan and in countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Canada, Korea, China, Australia and Hong Kong, Mother's Crepe and Cafe has finally arrived in the Philippines!

Among their Crepes - you can choose your Crepe from Standard, Deluxe , Premium, Ice Crepe and Delica Crepe that will cater your taste-bud wants and also your prefer budget.

They can whip up your crepe in less than 4 minutes and your milk tea in less than 2 minutes once you place your order.
Choco Banana (Php 105)

Chocolate Milk w/ Cream Cheese 12oz (Php 90)

There are many smoothie that savor artificially but this one is exceptional. Other flavors of smoothie in Mother’s crepe’s menu are Honey banana, Strawberry, Mango, Cookies and Cream, Café Mocha, Green Tea, Calpis and Spiced Tea.

To cater their Filipino customers they also have Filipino Favorites in their menu.

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I hope they'll soon renovate or open a larger branch to be able to serve more customers. But the service is very good. I will defintely be back. 

Restaurant Ratings
Taste = 5
Environment = 4
Service = 5
Clean = 5
Price = 4

Spending = Approximately Php 200

Mother's Crepe and Cafe | Facebook

Main office
30F Antel Global Corp. Center, Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center
Tel no.: (02) 636-2888

SM Mall of Asia
2/F Central Business Park Bay Blvd
Tel no.: (02) 804-1910


Teacup is actually relaxing escape to home/office while waiting or being early then have time for work. The place may be called "Teacup", but it's not just tea or coffee they are serving, they also serve breakfast, rice meals, snacks and pastries.

Kanzhu Hand-Pulled Noodles: Authentic Northern Chinese Cuisine

There's a fairly place on Timog Avenue, Quezon City that serves authenthic hand-pulled noodles. Kanzhu Hand-pulled noodles has a history of more than 300 years, and its origins can be traced in Lanzhou, Kanzhu Province, China. In present, Kanzhu Hand-pulled noodles is found not only in Kanzhu province, but in all corners of China. It is labeled as the No. 1 Noodles on Earth.

Wok Fried Fragrant Chicken (Php 200)

The fragrant chicken was also good. It was very soft and the sauce had the perfect balance of sweetness. It reminds me of General's Chicken of Recipes (Click this link to see). Crispy fried chicken pieces with skin and sliced eggplants make up this dish. I thought at first that it looked kind of unappetizing but it's actually pretty good.

Braised Beef Dry Noodles (Php 150)

Initially, we ordered just one to share. Dish was good though.  Noodle was firm and chewy.  The beef was surprisingly tender and flavorful, with a little hint of heat. 

South Diner at BF Homes

Located in the heart of BF Homes, Paranaque, South Diner provides an American Cuisine with a nostalgic feel. It may not look like much, but diner food has always tasted better than it looks. We were all smiles when we walked in because of the laid back and casual atmosphere and at the same time. It can be a perfect hang-out place for people living in the areas.

Angry Wings 5 pcs (Php 160)

They serve these amazing buffalo wings in different range of hot sauces. If you want to challenge yourselves, get South Diner's Angry Wings.

Kusina ng Gerry's is LOVE

Kusina ng Gerry's is one of my family's destinations when it comes to Filipino food. Aside from their affordable prices, they have a really extensive menu from snacks, main dishes and of course, desserts!  We had a great time dining in at Kusina ng Gerry's.The price is worth the food not too expensive.
Sinigang na Baboy (Php 125)

The sinigang is tangy and salty- Just right to boost your appetite. It is really matched with the weather that day, cold and a bit rainy.

Sizzling Sisig (Php 165) 

 I love their Sisig. it's very appetizing and will surely made you having cup of an extra rice. 

It's Crunch Time at Katsutei!

Katsutei just opened a few days ago to serve Japanese food to the public. If someone wants to experience a real and honest way of eating Japanese food here in Manila, Katsutei will be the one! A dining experience having both the quality and philosophy of Japanese cuisine. 

ala Carte - Php 185
value Combo - Php 225

Katsudon is a popular Japanese food, a bowl of rice topped with a deep-fried pork cutlet, egg, and condiments. 

Pork Tonkatsu
ala Carte - Php 175
value Combo - Php 215

It is crunchy and flaky crust outside, succulent and tender meat inside. Even without dipping the meat into the sauce, you can readily taste the flavor.  You might notice that the Tonkatsu is served atop a wire mesh stand which elevates it above the plate.

Get Healthy with Yoh Froz!

I was at Banawe with my friends when we plan to have a dessert. It's my first time to have Yoh Froz frozen yogurt, so I got the chance to get to know about their delicious dessert. There are many reasons why yogurt is good for your health. It's ideal for losing weight and reduces bad cholesterol, great source of calcium for your bones, stimulates infection-fighting white blood cells.
Blueberries & Almonds Topings, Regular size (Php 110)

The place is really clean and spacious, with so many seats and table available, very pleasing to the eyes indeed. Aside from the frozen yogurt, you will definitely enjoy here because they offer FREE Wi-Fi connectivity.

Uncle Cheffy Brick-Oven Global Cuisine at Lucky Chinatown Mall

I am really glad that there is a lifestyle mall just a few minutes drive from our place, which makes Lucky Chinatown Mall the current mall favorite of our family. Uncle Cheffy catched our attention.

We were one of the only customer of Uncle Cheffy during our visit, so we owned the place for the moment. Their crew are very courteous and assisting.

All Meat Barbequed Panizza (Php 235)

To start with, we ordered their Panizza, one of their specialty, it was cooked in a brick oven and they were perfectly thin with a slight crisp on the side, I can say that the taste is really superb, the pieces of meat on top of the BBQ panizza were sweet and tender. 

Drink Tea at Sky Garden

There's another milk tea place in Sky Dome, SM North Edsa, and so, me and my friend decided to try it. Drink Tea's menu is very limited. We asked the crew what's their specialty. They said their best seller is Wintermelon which only cost Php 60.

Wintermelon Milk Tea
Since I had really low expectations of Drink Tea, I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted Wintermelon Milk Tea, it is very milk and suitably sweet. I think it's one of the best tasting out there.

It's a small milk tea store that can fit at most three or four groups. Can't wait to try the other best sellers like Roselle Iced Tea. Another reason to go to Sky Garden, because I seldom do.

Best Sellers

Promo and Menu
click to enlarge

Drink Tea | Facebook

North Edsa
Sky Garden Unit 211
(02) 646-1972

The Podium

12 ADB Ave, Ortigas Center
Mandaluyong City
(02) 687-1686

Banana Leaf Asian Cafe

Banana Leaf has the best of the Asian Cuisines all under one roof. Thus, all guests are assured that there is indeed something for every one. Their menu is so diverse that it offers entrees cooked in Indian, Singaporean, Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese and Indonesian Style.

It was my first time to dine at the The Block and it was around 4 p.m. and so, not much people around. 
Deep Fried Pandan Chicken (Php 168)
Marinated chicken wings wrapped in screw-pine leaves & lightly fried.
 (Php 78) ; Curry Sauce (Php 30)Roti Canai
I love that the bread is salty and tender enough, it can already be shared between two persons.  The curry sauce is not spicy, so I was very happy to dig in it. 

Heart-shaped Waffles from Red Mango

We happened to pass by Red Mango after watching The Amazing Spiderman last night. Red Mango doesn't only have Frozen Yogurts, they also serve mouthwatering waffles which comes in Blueberries n' Cream, Banana Almond and . Looks delectable enough so they're also a must try at the price of Php 85.
Banana Almond with Frozen Yogurt (Php 125)

They are freshly-made waffles topped with slices of bananas, sliced almonds, and yogurt cream cheese - exactly the kind of breakfast I would gladly wake up for.
Blueberries n' Cream (Php 85)

I dove right to it with great satisfaction. I savored every bite of nourishment and enjoyed each slice of fair sweetness and smooth creaminess.

Teaberi Now Opens in TriNoma

This saturday, me and friend will watch The Amazing Spiderman but before that, we were able to try new Milk Tea discovery located in the foodcourt of Trinoma. Their menu have different categories in which we can easily decide what to order, they also have beverages for Iced Teas

Cocoa Milk Tea
It's another term for Chocolate Milk Tea +  pearls. I had it at 75% sugar-level. Perfect for warming up on a chilly late afternoon. They’re pearls are big and really chewy so if you’re a fan of gummy candies, you’ll love them!
Winter Melon Milk Tea
Whenever we got the chance to try new Milk Tea store, we always try Winter Melon Milk Tea. Maybe it’s easy to understand why it’s a favorite. It’s light and a bit sweet.  We would have appreciated being able to adjust the sweetness but we weren’t asked for a preference.