Koori - Premium Yogurt Creations

A new Mochi is located in Lucky Chinatown Manila which is just in front of Starbucks Coffee. Their store welcomes you in and make you want to stay a while. 

We tried Chocolate, Taro, Mango, Strawberry Cheesecake and Green Tea. Their mochi is pretty good - lots of flavors. Thought it was good, the price for what we got seemed a bit excessive.


Koori Premium Yogurt Creations | Facebook
G/F Lucky Chinatown Manila, 
Reina Regente St., Binondo, Manila

Chow Fun: Modern Chinese Bistro

Nowadays, I know that I need to eat more healthy foods. Whoa! So hard to do especially with all the great places to dine in all around us. Good things is that Chow Fun is here to help us with that especially for meat-lovers. When we get there, I am still surprised that the place is very small but still it attracts customers. Chow Fun is owned and operated by Maverick Food Concepts Group Inc., they opened two months ago.

For our appetizer..
Chinese Fondue Cheese Curry Php 155
Seafood balls, fried squid and vegetable cakes with a choice between two different fondue dips: Cheese & Curry or Spiked Sweet Chili. It creates a nice presentation, and get even more exciting flavors when dipping in.

Chow Fun Chicken Fry
Half Php 290
Php 520
House version of fried chicken coated in a blend of roasted spices and peppercorn. The chicken is different from the other fried chicken I tasted, it's really good and really addicting. One more thing i liked about the chicken is that the taste seeps from within some chicken taste bland inside.

C2 Classic Cuisine

C2 Classic Cuisine is the mix of the old and contemporary taste of the Filipino palate, adding new flair to the traditional dishes staple in every Pinoy dining table. It is a fusion of Filipino culture and modern tastes toward an exceptional fine dining experience. C2 is truly a reason to be proud of who Filipinos are and who can still become. It is the celebration of the Filipino ingenuity, not only in coming up with recipe versions, but of setting a new height in the food industry.

Crispy Kare-Kare Php 685

Crispy boneless pork drizzled with rich peanut sauce –it’s combining two of local favorites, Crispy Pata and Kare Kare. There’s a separate serving of peanut sauce on the side if one prefers the meat to be covered in sauce.

Sisig Express Php 295

Sisig Express were so delicious that we would want to ask for more!

Pink Guava Tea + Coffee + Juice

Pink Guava is an inspired tea, coffee and juice shop and conveniently located in Quezon Ave. They offer Fruit juices, Milk Teas, Hot and Cold Coffee, as well as rice platters and pasta.

We know we wanted some cold drinks, but with the wide selection of Pink Guava, it was quite hard to decide which ones to get. In the end we tried their specialty drinks.

Here were our drinks..

Guava Lychee Large Php 120
It was a sour but still quite sweet , and of course it has the distinct guava flavor.The drink makes you feel relax and at ease with every sip. The taste wasn't strong like what I imagined.

Right side: Guava Yakult Large Php 120
Pink Guava Tender Tapa Php 165
Tender beef tapa, fried in garlic pieces and melted butter, paired with there special creamy eggs. It's your usual tapsilog but with a twist. The tapa had a kick to it and the eggs were heavenly, creamy, fluffy and flavorful!

Oh-Dory Php 165
Despite the wait, it was very worth it! The dory fish was extremely succulent, juicy and tender.


If I have a long time to spare, I would like to go back again and try another drinks. Our visit to Pink Guava was a short yet satisfying one. I personally loved everything we tried and find the service impeccable, a really good fit to make up for its small location. :)

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Restaurant Ratings

Taste = 4
Environment = 4
Service = 4
Clean = 5
Price = 4

Spending: Approximately Php 300

Pink Guava | Facebook | Twitter
1472 Pacific Century Tower, Quezon Ave, Quezon City
Mon - Sun:10am - 12nn

Amici + Cara Mia Gelateria = Great Italian Place!

I love the simple ambiance and a taste of Italy at its finest. Now, I don’t have to travel halfway around the world just for a freshly-made, oven- baked pizza.

Lasagne Al Ragu Php 298
Hearty meat Ragu sauce in layers of cheese and baked pasta sheets.
Every layer was so great and you can see in the inside that there is so many topings inside.

Spaghetti Alla Carbonara Php 238
Spaghetti pasta tossed in creamy white sauce with Parmesan cheese and bacon bits

Pollo Arrostito Php 290
Rosemary half chicken baked to perfection and served with veggies

I was a bit disappointed because the service was a little slow. But their sweet dessert was definitely good.

My Lucky Experience in Lucky Tea

When I learned that a new Milk Tea store opened in Banawe, I was more than ecstatic. I pulled my friend with me to grab a big cup of Lucky TeaTheir successful grand opening was on July 31, 2012.

With the popularity of Milk Tea, it's not surprising that it now has a lot of stores scattered around the Metro. They have even invaded Manila. I am a big fan of Moonleaf, so whenever there's a Milk Tea store somewhere near me, I make it a point to go there and buy a glass of my favorite Wintermelon milk tea. 

I ordered my favorite milk tea flavor...
Wintermelon Milk Tea
Regular Php 85
Large Php 95
Mango Greenapple Fruit Tea
Medium Php 80
Large Php 90
The First Milk Tea Shop that serves Fish Fillet and Curry Fish Bun. There are many quick savory snacks to choose from so we had a hard time choosing. :D See their menu at the bottom page.

Fish Fillet Php 80
Chicken Chops Php 70
Mushroom Puff Php 65

We were able to snag a parking space in front of the store. Once inside, the space was really big, and can accommodate 10-30 people. We are happy to discover that their place has many customers. It wasn't crowded but at least, we weren't the only one there. Good thing it was empty at the time. 

What we love about this place except from the wonderful milk teas is that they have great service, the place is really comfy and relaxing and they have nice staffs out there.  It’s all good. An 80-100 pesos is all worth it  I hope to visit back here the soonest possible!

Restaurant Ratings
Taste = 4
Environment = 5
Service = 5
Clean = 5
Price = 4

Lucky Tea | Facebook | Website | Twitter
Banawe Avenue cor. Scout Alcaraz Street, Quezon City

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