Croughnuts at Dolcelatte Cafe & Gourmet Bakeshop

Other people said they were underwhelmed, it was very meh & that it was just another overpriced pastry. But I had to try it for myself to find out.

A delicate puff pastry of a croissant shaped into a round doughnut, which is then deep-fried, filled with cream, and coated with a light glaze.

Luckily we walk-in by 3:30pm, but the catch is, all walk-in customers have an assorted flavors which means that you will not allowed to choose flavors.

Dolcelatte Croughnuts in a Box - Sundays Avenue.jpg
Php 110 each
Once I got my grubby little hands on them, I excitedly opened the box. I take a bite of each Croughnuts, holding one in each hand.


Choco Macarons - 4                Raspberry Cream - 5
Peanut Butter Crisp - 4.5        Apple Cinnamon - 4.5
Choco Caramel - 4.5               Lemon Meringue - 3

Choco Caramel

Lemon Meringue


They are made fresh everyday and they come in eleven (11) flavors.

  • It was crunchy outside but soft and chewy in the inside.
  • The glaze on top and the cream inside really made this very delectable.
  • Not that buttery and sweet.
  • Flavors of each topping and the filling blend well.
Be reminded to consume it, its not refrigerated or toasted. It's also a great pairing for coffee.

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