Pink Guava Tea + Coffee + Juice

Pink Guava is an inspired tea, coffee and juice shop and conveniently located in Quezon Ave. They offer Fruit juices, Milk Teas, Hot and Cold Coffee, as well as rice platters and pasta.

We know we wanted some cold drinks, but with the wide selection of Pink Guava, it was quite hard to decide which ones to get. In the end we tried their specialty drinks.

Here were our drinks..

Guava Lychee Large Php 120
It was a sour but still quite sweet , and of course it has the distinct guava flavor.The drink makes you feel relax and at ease with every sip. The taste wasn't strong like what I imagined.

Right side: Guava Yakult Large Php 120
Pink Guava Tender Tapa Php 165
Tender beef tapa, fried in garlic pieces and melted butter, paired with there special creamy eggs. It's your usual tapsilog but with a twist. The tapa had a kick to it and the eggs were heavenly, creamy, fluffy and flavorful!

Oh-Dory Php 165
Despite the wait, it was very worth it! The dory fish was extremely succulent, juicy and tender.


If I have a long time to spare, I would like to go back again and try another drinks. Our visit to Pink Guava was a short yet satisfying one. I personally loved everything we tried and find the service impeccable, a really good fit to make up for its small location. :)

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Restaurant Ratings

Taste = 4
Environment = 4
Service = 4
Clean = 5
Price = 4

Spending: Approximately Php 300

Pink Guava | Facebook | Twitter
1472 Pacific Century Tower, Quezon Ave, Quezon City
Mon - Sun:10am - 12nn


  1. I notice you blog alot about milk tea, hope you can make a review of tea monkey also, want to here your review on it

    1. I have been to tea monkey and I love their tea monkey special and their tamayaki was so good and I even order another one to bring home for my siblings


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