Chow Fun: Modern Chinese Bistro

Nowadays, I know that I need to eat more healthy foods. Whoa! So hard to do especially with all the great places to dine in all around us. Good things is that Chow Fun is here to help us with that especially for meat-lovers. When we get there, I am still surprised that the place is very small but still it attracts customers. Chow Fun is owned and operated by Maverick Food Concepts Group Inc., they opened two months ago.

For our appetizer..
Chinese Fondue Cheese Curry Php 155
Seafood balls, fried squid and vegetable cakes with a choice between two different fondue dips: Cheese & Curry or Spiked Sweet Chili. It creates a nice presentation, and get even more exciting flavors when dipping in.

Chow Fun Chicken Fry
Half Php 290
Php 520
House version of fried chicken coated in a blend of roasted spices and peppercorn. The chicken is different from the other fried chicken I tasted, it's really good and really addicting. One more thing i liked about the chicken is that the taste seeps from within some chicken taste bland inside.

Chili Baby Crabs Php 390
Soft-shell crabs crisped and coated in chili sauce. These crabs are fried to a light crisp, and you can eat the whole crab.

The place has a nice interior with colors like red, grey and white around. When we are finished the staffs automatically gets the plate on our table for us to have enough space. The price is just the same as those from the chinese restaurant but at least you have a new option just in case you feel bloated from the usual!


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Restaurant Ratings

Taste = 4
Environment = 5
Service = 5
Clean = 5
Price = 4

Chow Fun Modern Chinese Bistro

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J. Abad Santos St. San Juan
624-1009 / 570-0826
0917 550 1191


  1. i love chow fun's chinese fondue!! :)

  2. Chinese Cheese Fondue? Three words that don't really go together? Chinese cheese? Fondue. Ha ha ha.


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