Chicken Madness at Flaming Wings

I have been raving about this place for so long. I saw some reviews about this that Flaming Wings is the best place to eat Buffalo wings.

Buffalo Wings w/ Honey Mustard Dip
Chicken wings will always be one of my weaknesses when it comes to good foo, and Flaming Wings succeeds in serving me what I want. This place is a worthy chicken wings to check out.
Garlic Fries w/ Bleu Cheese Dip
The fries were the typical ones we get. It didn't capture the taste of bleu cheese but it was fine.

Wicked Oreos
The wicked oreos is really a good meal invention. It is perfect for dessert. For only 75 pesos, you can enjoy this delicious and outstanding specialty.

I'll definitely come back here at Flaming Wings. I am really satisfied.

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Restaurant Ratings
Taste = 4
Environment = 4
Service = 4
Clean = 5
Price = 5

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B.F. Homes
302 Aguirre Ave.B.F. Homes, Parañaque(02) 829-5782
Katipunan318 Katipunan Ave.Loyola Heights, Quezon City(02) 929-6900
TaftArcher's Nook Dorm, 5624 Taft AveMalate, Manila(02) 524-7429


  1. i wanna try!! the wicked oreos look damn good.

  2. I agree with the comment on wicked oreos..I have not seen something like that before..It made me curious

  3. What's with the wicked oreos? Is it oreo with breading and milk? That's innovative, the oreo itself is really yummy! =D

  4. Everything looks good! I really have to learn to get around Paranaque while I'm still here *drools~*

    1. They also have branches on Loyola Heights and Taft :)

  5. Nice place, looks clean and inviting. And the part that I really like in chicken is the wings. I can love this place =)

  6. Really nice pictures ;)


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