Umami Hambaagu House in The Grove by Rockwell

The place was very nice. So well-lit, very spacious and full of Japanese artwork. In line with this, the whole place was a bit spacious and tidy which makes everyone feel cozy and relax on where they're seating at. The staff were accommodating and they have fast internet connection for free.




Takeshi's Castle Php 345

Roppongi Hills Burger Php 420

Deconstructed Tiramisu
Overall, I think the food is really delicious and the servings are quite generous. It might be a bit pricey but definitely worth trying. I would love to come back and taste their other burger steaks.

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Restaurant Rating
Taste - 5
Environment - 5
Service - 5
Clean - 5
Price - 4

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  1. wow the place is so cute and i love how they present the food! . will definitely try this place.


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