Zark's Burger: A Jaw Dropping Burger Experience

Reading from other reviews and hearing from my friends about Zark's burger, it sparked my curiosity and taste buds. The burger was really fulfilling along with the fries. I felt full from merienda time to dinner time. I was so surprised on how big their burgers are. I never ate something like that before.
Black Mamba Php 125
Cheeseburger in a bed of fresh lettuce, tomato, sauteed mushroom and caramelized onions and then topped with very own barbeque rum sauce
It's insanely delicious. I can't resist the barbecue rum sauce that comes with it. It's juicy, real juicy I enjoyed every bit of it!
Zark's Ultimate Burger Php 130
1/4 pound burger with cheese sauce in a bed of fresh veggies and then topped with sauteed mushroom and bacon
Three-Pointer Php 125
Burger with three kinds of cheese (mozzarella, cheddar and cheese sauce) served with lettuce, tomato and caramelized onions

There are also some game going on in this place. Once you finish their Jaw Breaker which consists of 3 layers of patties, fries and drinks, you'll have your food for free.
Jawbreaker Php 250
Triple cheeseburger with Spam, bacon and overflowing cheese sauce on top

I will surely go back at Zark’s in Archer's Nook, Taft Ave., Manila for the delicious treats and excellent customer services that they offer! It is indeed a must try!

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Restaurant Ratings
Taste - 4
Environment - 4
Service - 5
Clean - 5
Price - 5

Zark's Burger | Facebook

2464 Archer's Nook, 
Taft Ave., Manila, Intramuros
(02) 392-1211

BF Homes
President's Avenue, BF homes, Paranaque City


  1. Wow I think I will enter myself into their contest because those burgers are delish.

  2. love their burger, tried the Tomahawk :D

  3. My husband and I have been dying to try this!


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