Nikkie's Cookies & Confections

Nikki’s Cookies & Confections® are deliciously created from wonderful homemade recipes, some of which have been handed down for generations. 

There's really nothing quite like the smell of freshly-baked cookies emanating from a warm oven. Especially an oven in a beautiful log-cabin nestled between an old pine forest and a lake so clear you can't tell how deep the water is. That's where you'll find Nikki Taylor doing what she does best, developing new, mouth-watering recipes for Nikki’s Cookies & Confections®. They have other unique cookies that is perfect for every occasions.
Maybe you're thinking that it's not yet holiday or Christmas Season, but we're so happy to spread this product. My mom and my sister bought this in Shangri-la, Makati.


English Toffee