South Diner at BF Homes

Located in the heart of BF Homes, Paranaque, South Diner provides an American Cuisine with a nostalgic feel. It may not look like much, but diner food has always tasted better than it looks. We were all smiles when we walked in because of the laid back and casual atmosphere and at the same time. It can be a perfect hang-out place for people living in the areas.

Angry Wings 5 pcs (Php 160)

They serve these amazing buffalo wings in different range of hot sauces. If you want to challenge yourselves, get South Diner's Angry Wings.

Classic Caesar Salad (Php 135)

This caesar is top with garlicy Parmesan, Croutons and Romaine.

Fatman's Deal (Php 165)

Roast porkloin with apple sauce with eggs and garlic rice. The porkloin is delicious!

Night Shift (Php 155)

Crispy pork ribs with eggs and garlic rice. I can say that the pork rib is overcooked outside but the meat inside is soft and tender all the way.

Strawberry Milkshake Regular (Php 98)
In combination with a strawberry milkshake,  All I can I say is that it's mouth watering and addictive! I was in heaven!

Strawberry Banana Milkshake Extra Thick (Php 120)

My mom love this combination of milkshake, then she suddenly talks about making a homemade milkshake because it's full of vitamins and nutritious hehe.. 
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Overall, South Diner is a great and wonderful place to hang out. Their meal is very delightful and fulfilling. Thanks South Diner, it was great dining with you.

Restaurant Ratings

Taste = 4
Environment = 5
Service = 4
Clean = 5
Price = 3

Recommend: Angry Wings and Strawberry Milkshake

Spending = Approximately Php 300 (Lunch)

South Diner | Facebook
303 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque


  1. love diner food. comfort food talaga!

  2. i wanna try this but it's so far away!! :(

  3. Probably the worst place I've eaten in..

    Burgers you can probably make one better at home - take note of the supermarket buns and probably patties.

    Pancakes made out of supermarket bought batter with too much water. bland and like a rock.. Not fluffy and airy as it should be.

    Sandwiches with almost no meat..

    A place that nickel and dimes their customers..

    Try it out if you don't believe me.


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