Teaberi Now Opens in TriNoma

This saturday, me and friend will watch The Amazing Spiderman but before that, we were able to try new Milk Tea discovery located in the foodcourt of Trinoma. Their menu have different categories in which we can easily decide what to order, they also have beverages for Iced Teas

Cocoa Milk Tea
It's another term for Chocolate Milk Tea +  pearls. I had it at 75% sugar-level. Perfect for warming up on a chilly late afternoon. They’re pearls are big and really chewy so if you’re a fan of gummy candies, you’ll love them!
Winter Melon Milk Tea
Whenever we got the chance to try new Milk Tea store, we always try Winter Melon Milk Tea. Maybe it’s easy to understand why it’s a favorite. It’s light and a bit sweet.  We would have appreciated being able to adjust the sweetness but we weren’t asked for a preference.


So, if your around the area of Quezon City and craving for some tea try Teaberi! Enjoy! 

Teaberi | Facebook
A. Venue Mall, Makati Ave
Makati City, Metro Manila

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  1. Oh, this is the one that I read about and been looking for but was not successful! Now I know where it's located. Thanks for sharing! =)



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